GIDEP Membership Acquired


REM Electronics is now a GIDEP Participating Member. What does this mean for our customers? That we are on top of all important data points that relate to our industry to help avoid not only our down time, but our customers as well. Efficiency is key and this membership will support continuous improvement.

GIDEP, which stands for the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program, is a collaborative effort involving both government and industry entities. Its aim is to minimize or eliminate unnecessary resource expenditures by facilitating the sharing of vital technical information crucial throughout the various stages of the life cycle of systems, facilities, and equipment—namely, research, design, development, production, and operational phases.

Since the inception of GIDEP, participants have collectively reported preventing over $2.1 billion in unplanned expenditures. This indicates that without GIDEP, participants could have potentially incurred additional expenses exceeding $2.1 billion.

Effectively leveraging GIDEP data can significantly enhance the overall quality and dependability of systems and components throughout the acquisition and logistics phases of their life cycle. Furthermore, it can lead to cost reductions in the development and manufacturing processes of intricate systems and equipment.

What GIDEP Offers

Design – engineers, and system developers with a readily accessible repository of technical data and information on components and systems. This valuable resource significantly reduces the time needed for design and parts selection. Crucial information concerning non-compliant products, potentially counterfeit items, product obsolescence, source unavailability, and recommendations/findings related to electronics and materials. This data proves instrumental in averting costly delays in the creation or modification of new systems.

Production Engineers – Details regarding innovative methodologies for enhancing production processes and cutting down production expenses are included. The data on manufacturing practices encompasses insights into industry-submitted and utilized practices.

Reliability Engineers – Invaluable data on failures that is crucial for modeling and assessment studies. This information aids in preventing system malfunctions and potential disasters during acquisition or operational phases.

Logisticians – Notices about parts that are no longer in production, reports on components with suspected counterfeit issues, and notifications of product changes are vital for sustaining weapon systems with a long history of use. Additionally, logisticians can utilize mean repair time data to project logistics support needs and supply requirements.

As members we are provided with an opportunity to gain advantages from a diverse network of professional connections encompassing a wide array of technical fields and activities throughout the United States and Canada is provided. The Urgent Data Request serves as a mechanism for communicating program material and supply requirements among the GIDEP participant network.

GIDEP follows the principle of “Ensuring information is readily available for the user, rather than making the user wait for the information.” Since the inception of GIDEP, the primary focus has been on swiftly delivering up-to-date information directly to its users, a principle that remains unchanged.

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