Services You Can Count On

REM Electronics offers a range of services to end users, ensuring seamless production and delivery of electronic products. These services encompass various stages of the manufacturing process, starting from design and prototyping to final assembly and testing. Explore our services to learn more.

Component preparation of electronics refers to the process of organizing, inspecting, cleaning, and possibly modifying electronic components before they are used in assembly, ensuring their readiness for integration into electronic devices or systems.
SMT pick and place is the automated process of accurately placing surface mount components onto a printed circuit board using robotic equipment, improving efficiency and precision in assembly.
Through-hole assembly in electronics is the process of mounting electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB) by inserting their leads through holes in the board and soldering them on the opposite side for secure connections.
Optical inspection of electronics involves using specialized equipment and technologies, such as cameras and image processing software, to visually examine electronic components or assemblies for defects, quality assurance, and ensuring compliance with specified standards.
Product modification of electronics is the process of making alterations or enhancements to an existing electronic product to improve its functionality, performance, or features based on customer needs or market demands.
3D prototyping for electronics involves the use of additive manufacturing technologies to create three-dimensional physical models or prototypes of electronic components, circuits, or devices, aiding in design validation and functional testing before full-scale production.
Research and development (R&D) in electronics involves the systematic investigation and experimentation aimed at discovering and advancing new technologies, components, or methodologies in order to enhance or create innovative electronic products or systems.
Tooling service in electronics refers to the provision of specialized tools and equipment for manufacturing, assembling, and testing electronic components or devices.
Kitting service of electronics refers to the process of assembling and packaging specific electronic components, parts, or materials into customized kits or packages, typically based on a customer's requirements, for streamlined production and inventory management.
Flat cable assembly is the process of connecting and securing flat cables, typically consisting of multiple conductors arranged side by side, to connectors or terminals to establish electrical connections within electronic devices or systems.
Wire prep, strip, and terminating refer to the process of preparing and stripping the insulation from a wire and connecting it to a terminal or connector for electrical or electronic connections.
REM Electronics plays a pivotal role in industry, serving as the backbone of technological advancement and innovation. Through efficient and scalable manufacturing processes, we meet the growing demand for cutting-edge technologies, driving economic growth and job creation.