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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) are two distinct types of companies that operate in different areas of the supply chain that we service and provide specified solutions to.

OEM companies are manufacturers that design, develop, and produce original products or components. They create products that are eventually sold under their own brand names or integrated into larger systems. OEMs may specialize in various industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial equipment, and more. As a contract manufacturer, your engagement with OEMs can involve the following:

OEMs often seek contract manufacturers to outsource the production of certain components or even complete products. They may require your electronics manufacturing services to meet their specifications, quality standards, and production volumes. You would work closely with them to understand their requirements, provide design for manufacturing (DFM) feedback, and produce the requested electronics to be incorporated into their final products.

OEMs may expect you to seamlessly integrate into their supply chain and ensure timely delivery of components or finished products. Coordination, communication, and alignment with their production schedules and logistics requirements are crucial to meet their production timelines.

OEMs often require customized solutions tailored to their specific products or applications. You should be prepared to collaborate closely with them, providing expertise in electronics design, prototyping, and manufacturing processes. This may involve joint development efforts, design reviews, and iterative improvements to meet their evolving needs.

MRO companies focus on the maintenance, repair, and operations of existing equipment, machinery, and infrastructure. They provide services, spare parts, and expertise to ensure the continuous functioning and reliability of industrial assets. While MRO companies may not engage in original manufacturing, they rely on suppliers and contract manufacturers to support their operations. When serving MRO companies as a contract manufacturer offering electronics, consider the following:

MRO companies often require replacement or repair parts for equipment and systems. Your role as a contract manufacturer would be to produce electronic components or assemblies that meet their specifications and quality requirements. These parts should be compatible with the existing systems to facilitate efficient maintenance and repair processes.

MRO companies may encounter challenges related to obsolete or discontinued electronic components in the equipment they service. Your expertise as a contract manufacturer can help them identify suitable alternatives, provide redesign or reengineering support, and produce compatible replacement components.

MRO companies may involve their service technicians or engineers in the production process to ensure proper fit, functionality, and quality of the electronic components. Your collaboration with their technical teams can help validate designs, address specific requirements, and ensure successful integration into the existing systems.


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